This site was originally created to tell the stories of the epic journey that Louise and I took in 2008 and 2009. We travelled around Africa, starting in Switzerland and ending in South Africa, we crossed 20 African countries, covered 75000 KMs and took 1000s of photos.

On that trip we fell in love with two things, Africa and photography, in particular wildlife photography.

Having visited Africa on countless occasions, we have developed a deep understanding of it’s wildlife and their habits, we have visited the greatest wildlife areas Africa has to offer, Kruger, Chobe, Okovango Delta, Masai Mara and the Serengeti to name just a few, we’ve also been to some of the lesser known places, Waza in Cameroon, Banc D’Arguin in Mauritania, Niokola-Koba in Senegal.

Our photography doesn’t only encompass wildlife, we also enjoy landscape and people photography. We are photographers from the digital age, we’ve never received any formal training, have learnt everything from other people, books or online. We thank all the people that have influenced our photography and have helped us shape our photography into what it is today.

Our travel style is a little different to others, having experienced Africa in it’s purest raw form, we prefer to drive ourselves and see what we find, it’s great having a guide and their knowledge, but with a guide it becomes easy to detach yourself from what Africa really is.

If you are interested in getting a print,  want any advise on where to go in Africa or just want to ask a question feel free to contact us.